Terms and Conditions

Customer Safety

At The Whitehorse, the safety and security of our staff and customers is paramount. The Whitehorse operate a minimum check 21 policy. If you are lucky enough to look younger than 21 then please be prepared to prove your age with valid and current identification. This can be either a UK driving licence, passport, or PASS identification card bearing the PASS hologram. The Whitehorse support the responsible consumption of alcohol and reserve the right to refuse service to customers who are, or appear to be, intoxicated. Tap water is freely available at our bar upon request.

Conditions of Entry

The Whitehorse Management reserve the right to refuse admission. For door policies, entry information, dress codes and accessibility.

Allergen Information

Allergies? Our food is prepared in our busy kitchens (not a big factory with segregated production lines) so we really can’t guarantee any of our food is allergen-free. If you require further information on ingredients which may cause allergy or intolerance, please speak to your server before you order. If you do have an allergy, you should inform your server so we can minimise the risk of cross-contamination during the preparation and service of your food and or drink.

Reservation Terms & Conditions – FAQs

Version: 5.2

Last updated: 18th August 2020

Welcome to our booking FAQs

How can I book with you? 

You can enquire about booking with us by email, by phone, or through our website.

Your enquiry becomes a confirmed booking when your payment card details have been accepted and/or you have paid the deposit that the booking may require.

Do you take a deposit when I book?

If you book any of the following:

  • Table for Restaurant

  • Table for Drinks

we ask for either a 20% deposit or your card details at the time of enquiry to secure your booking.

If you book any of the following:

  • Masterclass

  • Christmas party event

  • Corporate event

  • A large party of over 13 guests or more

we ask for a 20% deposit to be paid within 48 hours following your enquiry to confirm your booking.

If you fail to pay your deposit within 48 hours then your Provisional Booking will be cancelled and removed from our booking system.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your booking at any time within the Cancellation Window by contacting the site you booked with or us directly .The Cancellation Window Deadline differs by booking type as listed below:

  • Table for Restaurant – up to 24 hours prior to Event

  • Table for Drinks – up to 24 hours prior to Event

  • Accommodation – up to 48 hours prior to Arrival

A cancellation after the Cancellation Window stated above, or if you do not show for your booking, will result in your deposit being forfeited or your card being charged £10 per guest.


How long do I have my table for?

Your table or reserved area will be allocated for a maximum of 2 hours unless stated otherwise in your Booking Confirmation Email. If you wish to extend your booking for a longer period, please contact us directly.

We will hold your table or reserved area for 15 minutes after your booking arrival time, at which point we reserve the right to clear the table or reserved area for other guests and you will forfeit your table or reserved area. If you are running late, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you do not show for your booking, you will forfeit your deposit.

Events beyond our reasonable control (think COVID-19):

Sometimes things happen completely out of our control and we may need to move your Event to a different area in the venue, to another of our sites in the same city if possible, or postpone or cancel it. Such events would typically be:

  • Acts of God, ie. Flood, drought, earthquake, natural disaster

  • Terrorist attack, civil war, riots, war, armed conflict

  • Epidemic or Pandemic

  • Any new law or any action taken by the UK government or a public authority, including without limitation imposing an export or import restriction, quota or prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent

  • Collapse of building, fire, explosion or any accident damaging our building, a neighbouring building, or a building in the vicinity, as a result of which our venue premises are deemed unsafe

  • Issues with suppliers that means we are unable to supply the products we agreed to supply

  • Power cut or the failure of any of our utility services

If any of the above apply and we need to make changes to your Booking, we will contact you as soon as possible. We can offer you a full refund or we can postpone your Booking for up to 18 months after the original date.

Sometimes we may have to make reasonable changes to your booking. We will contact you as far in advance as we can to let you know. Reasons for changes may include:  

  • Changes in legislation that require us to change our operating procedures

  • Our food or drinks menus have been updated and your pre-ordered menu selections are no longer available

  • The products you have pre ordered are unavailable or out of stock with our suppliers – we will always do our best to find a suitable alternative for you

If you want to change your package, then we will inform you of any price changes that may have taken place since your booking was confirmed. We will honour prices of packages included on your booking at time of confirmation but if you are looking to make additions to your package, those items will be subject to the latest prices.